park city, utah


A New Year in Utah

I am grateful I was able to spend New Year's with my family in Deer Valley, Utah this year. It was a peaceful and stunning place to reflect on the past year and ring in the new one. After a restless 2017, it was the perfect reset for me. We skied everyday, ate lots of delicious food, and gathered around our fire place in the evenings. It was a terrific blend of fun, exhaustion and relaxation!

Below you will find images from the trip we savored. Please enjoy!

Adventure Day at Alta

On day three of skiing, we woke up early, packed in the car and drove through Little Cottonwood Canyon to get to my brother's favorite ski area closer to Salt Lake City called Alta. The weather was perfect, the slopes were not crowded, and the terrain were more advanced then the cruiser blues of resort world. I do not have anything against cruiser blues BUT I will say that skiing here was exciting. After warming up, we adventured across the mountain side to runs with decent difficulty and good snow. Though I took a spill down the run, the traversing was an adventure worth taking in itself.

We skied all day and packed up as the sun was setting down in the valley (in the last image you can see the smog that covers SLC and creates a very unique sunset!).

Ski skip day: Park City Main Street

After a tumble down a decent hill the day before, I was interested in having a very chill day. We skied till noon and happily trotted down the mountain to the charming cafe, Harvest, just off Main Street. I would recommend everything on their menu especially their buddha bowl and the avocado toast (wow... the two most millennial things I know but, trust me!) As well, the Golden Calf latte is as interesting and tasty as it sounds. 

We spent the rest of the day walking in and out of shops and we didn't regret the ski ditch one bit. 

From the Camera Roll:

texas french bread

I've loved Texas French Bread ever since my freshman year of college at the University of Texas at Austin when my friend and I passed it while on a walk. We remarked how cute it was, then wandered in a little later for dinner that same evening.

Since that meal I have dined, studied, and picked up coffee here countless times. I've celebrated life events with family and have caught up with close friends. It has fueled me through many long art critiques and early teaching mornings with solid coffee and delicious cookies. There was even this one time I lived on the same street as TFB... good times let me tell you! You could find my roommates and I here for brunch most every weekend of our last year of College. Needless to say, TFB was a staple in my college diet! 

This family owned restaurant remains one of my very favorite places to sit still, be present and take in life. The food here is fresh and real - just like the people. From fresh plants to pleasant tunes, this place has good taste all around. Its environment is elegant, classy and humble... a perfect combination of France + Texas if you ask me!

If you live or ever go to Austin, I recommend this as a perfect spot for coffee dates, long meals, casual happy hours and date nights. It will not disappoint!

Through I live in Houston now, I made a special stop here last weekend for lunch. I absolutely loved seeing the fresh paint on this old soul and had to take some photos. I hope you enjoy these photos  & go pay TFB a visit for me. 

Thanks for all the good living, TFB! 

marfa, tx

One LONG drive later (stretches pictured above), we arrived in Marfa, TX at the our first stop: The Chinati Foundation. Coming here was a Donald Judd lover's dream come true. Wide- open desert with minimalist artwork? YES, PLEASE.

When we stepped out of the car and looked around, My boyfriend was underwhelmed at the place to say the least. He probably thought I was a bit quirky to want to drive 8 hours to come see the display of concrete blocks sitting in the distant dry desert. Once we trekked down to the artworks, however, I informed him he could touch, walk and even play on the artwork. Right away he's running around doing pull-ups on the Judd's like a kid on a playground. And I quote, "This is the best art exhibit ever!" 

Thus began our Marfa, TX adventure! 

We went to: Chinati Foundation, Prada Store, Paisano Hotel

Advice: Do not go during the major spring break week in March. Surprisingly, the small town was crowded with families and young kids. As well, plan to go on a Thursday- Sunday because many stores and restaurants are closed during the week. There were many places that I am hoping to go back to on a future visit.