N + M


This was the coolest thing to be a part of. I'll start out by saying that I am horrible at keeping secrets so it was rough not saying a word to Nicole who happens to be my best friend and my roommate... she told me I lied well though, so I'd call it a success. 

Anyways... my day started with a 7:30 am wake up call to go to pick up the balloons from someone's (slightly creepy) garage. I then picked up Nicole, we ate lunch and got our nails done. I was pretty terrified that she would start asking me questions and I would completely spoil it.

We got home and both took naps.

Then I told her that I was going to the studio but *cough, cough* I went and met Michael to set up the final touches of the Amazing garden owned by Jennifer.

Michael then picked up Nicole and they walked here from our house. Nicole was completely surprised. So surprised that she started crying immediately. HA! (If you ask her, she'll tell you that she had just been on the phone with her mom upset because she was convinced it was't going to happen that day...)



Michael and Nicole walked in. Michael clapped and on came the lights and music (curtesy of Matt hiding in the bushes). They looked at the photos of their relationship. Michael proposed. SHE SAID YES! More hugging and crying. Popped champagne. Had a mini photo shoot while they explored the garden. Then they left for dinner and came back to the house later for a party with close family and friends!