Ten Things + Shannon

It's fun to have friends like Shannon Kelley because she will text you randomly and say "hey. want to procrastinate with a photo adventure?" and you'll be like "I have a test and a project, but sure!" Then you'll go on a quick trip down to 5th street at golden hour and have tons of fun with the setting sun. Then you might even go have breakfast for dinner at 24 Diner and talk about careers, passions, faith and futures right after to procrastinate further because #ska right? 

 With Texas finally catching on that it is fall... I was reminded of these film photos (except the sitting one) I took on my camera when we hung out back in early october. Here are ten things that have also been distracting me from getting my real work done: 

1. For the next time you can't decide what you should caption your photo... think about Adele.

2. Really craving thanksgiving dessert about now. If I was good at baking, I'd be baking this for thanksgiving. 

3. This wedding has me dreaming of San Fran.

4. HA! Apparently being a billionaire and cat love go hand and hand. 

5. Been following this artist.

6. Planning spring break?

7. The word of the year was...

8. Where I am doing all my gift shopping this year

9. This really interesting TED radio talk about the secret to happiness... it's being grateful (AMEN!)

10. I just finished this book called "The Opposite of Loneliness" and it was so good. The author went to Yale, graduated and died in a car accident a week or two later. Her writing is beautiful and captures the brevity of life so well. If you are not a big reader... read this exert. It is the main premise of the book and as a senior, it has me super nostalgic and appreciative for my community in college! It's scary to think about what next year will hold but dwelling in the experiences I've had and the friendships I've made, makes me feel a lot less scared to face the future outside of college.