Know Yourself


I recently dragged (literally) my film camera along with my DSLR to shoot some photos of my friend Shannon Kelley for her style blog and I am so glad I did! 

Shooting on film is my favorite. The camera is heavy and film rolls are expensive yet, the sound of a quick exposure makes me giddy.

I have owned this camera for about 5 years but I am still learning how to use it. Unlike my digital camera with which I can immediately look at the consequences of my settings, mistakes are only visible after I pay the cashier for my prints. Until I open the Walgreens photo package, my experimental efforts fidgeting with the ISO and shutter speed nobs always seem in vain.

On the day we went out, the sun was very bright causing me struggle a bit even on my DSLR so I was excited that these turned out well! There were two I discarded for being overexposed but other than that, I was quite happy with them. In this world of instant gratification, not being able to see the end product till awhile later is refreshing and humbling. 

Our little adventure in the Texas heat was well worth it. Shannon is such a sweet friend that encourages and challenges me creatively and spiritually. As much fun as dressing up and playing around with cameras on a really hot day in Austin together was, our real joy came from knowing why we were doing it. We both have passions for creating. More importantly these passions point us back to our creator. I love the way she points this out in her blog post titled "Know Yourself." She says:

This "creative side" I have is inspired completely by an even more magnificent Creator that blows anything I could ever create out of the waters. In fact, He's the one that created me... To know myself is also to know that I love my God more than anything else... I've come to realize that this is a passion that my God has designed into me -- therefore I know it is good.

-Shannon Kelley-

Getting these prints back this week was a sweet reminder of the ways that God continues to shape me through my creative passions, friends and experiences. They remind my that life unfolds unpredictably and though mistakes happen, my God is in control and knows me better than I know myself.