A few bits and pieces from the past couple of days:
Last week was spent catching up on work in the art studio, reading in the courtyard, eating lots of pastries, and trying to sleep a bit more.

This past weekend my friend Danielle and I made a small day trip to Assisi. It has got to be one of my favorite places now. Seeing the church of St. Francis was amazing and the town/views were beautiful. Assisi had a very calming nature about it that made you want to stay forever.

On Sunday, our small town hosted their Palio which consists of a medieval parade and a horse race in the center of town on a dirt track. The parade was very entertaining- men in tights throwing flags and beating drums as well as lots of people dressed in medieval garments. The whole spectacle was “classic” Italian. At the horse race, it took the riders about an hour and half to line their horse up because the riders were not cooperating and kept breaking the line and therefore causing a false start. There were about 12 false starts… We almost left because dinner was being served but stuck it out till finally the riders and horses got in a semi straight order. The race also consisted of LOTS of yelling. There were organizers yelling at riders. Riders yelling at riders. Owners yelling at riders. Crowds yelling at riders. Police yelling at crowds. Anyways, the race was exciting and I am glad we got to see it. It was a huge event that meant a lot to the city so it was exciting to be a part of.
We also watched the USA game all together at a local pub which was very fun.

Today we went to Cortona. (If you have seen or heard of Under the Tuscan Sun- this is where it was filmed) We hiked around the outside of the city for about an hour to visit a really cool hermitage where St. Francis used to visit and pray. As well we went to the Santa Margherita church and a few museums. We then shopped and ate lunch in the town. Our entire class (professors included) accidentally missed the bus back to Castiglion due to some miscommunication and had to wait an extra 2 hours to get back, but it was nothing that a bottle of wine, wifi and the Italy game couldn’t fix.

It’s strange that we only have about a week and a half more here. We are busy working on finishing art projects so we can set up for our gallery show next week. We only have one more field trip to Florence and then a small one to a local vineyard and then we pack up and head out! It’s crazy how the weeks have been flying by!

Ciao Amici