Rome Day 2

Today was enjoyable and relaxing. We had a half day of class and were able to explore the city on our own in the afternoon. In the morning, we found some iced coffee at a caffe and pretty excited about it. (We don’t quite understand how most Italians can drink a hot coffee while it’s already around 75 degrees in the morning…) For class we saw Pietro Cavalini’s mosaic in the Santa Maria in Trastevere and his fresco, “the Last Judgement”, in the Santa Cecilia around the corner. Both of his works were amazing and exciting to see. I snuck the picture of the fresco because a very small nun was keeping a very careful watch of the chapel in which it is in.
With the rest of my day, I ate a great lunch at a pizza place, sketched, walked around the Villa Borghese Gardens and ate dinner at another delicious restaurant. We also stopped by the Fontana di Trevi which sadly is under maintenance and had no water in it. We still threw coins in though!

Tomorrow we go to the Vatican and I am so excited!