Venice part due.

Saturday evening we took a gondola ride through the canals of Venice. Roberto, our driver was very sweet. He told us a lot about the area and whistled while he rowed… It was pretty enchanting.

Sunday, Rachel and I went to mass at San Marco. The church is so beautiful with gold mosaic in every corner and it didn’t hurt that the choir actually sounded like angels. After, we found some breakfast and went on a small search for the self-proclaimed “worlds most beautiful bookstore”. We found Acqua Alta bookstore in a small corner right on the canal. This place was very interesting and the coolest bookstore I’ve been to. Since it’s on the canal, they keep their books in boats, tubs and gondolas so when the tide rises, they don’t get wet. The man who owns it also created stair steps in the back out of books. You can climb them to see and view of the canal.

After all this, we headed to the train station to say goodbye to Venice.

Ciao amaci!